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WP to Twitter – Efficient Tweeting

by Doug Samuel on 5 April, 2009

Twitter is supposed to be an important way to promote yourself – everybody says so.  Well, almost everyone.  Armand Morin, who I respect enormously, thinks its a waste of time.

More properly, Armand things that spending all day on Twitter is a waste of time.  Anyone with anything important to do would have to agree.

The key to using Twitter effectively is to spend as little time using it as possible.  I’m all for efficiency.  And what could be more efficient then reusing your WordPress content on Twitter in some way?

I spent quite a bit of time finding a plugin that twits – I mean tweets every time I post on my blog.

I like this because with little  or no effort, each post on this blog gets posted on Twitter.

I decided on WP to Twitter because it seems to be both easy to use and well packed with features … yet not bloated.

The no extra effort option is just exactly that: just post, and a tweet magically appears saying I just posted to my blog.

The little effort option produces better results: I can type a custom message when creating a post, and that message appears, instead of an uninspiring message saying  “New post: [title] [url]”.

Either way, you can set Cligs to automatically insert a short URL to your blog post with absolutely no effort.  Set it and forget it, I love it!

While we’re on the subject of Cligs, the tool offers some cool analytics tools so you can see how many people click the link and when.  It also integrates with Google Analytics.  Since I just set up this blog a few hours ago, and the analytics account to match, I have yet to see how Cligs activity from Twitter shows up in Google Analytics.

Certainly, all that tracking should answer, over time, just exactly how useful Twitter is to promoting your blog (or whatever else).

And here’s the cool thing: if you train your Twitter followers to train your Clig links,then you can always drop in the odd promotion into your Twitter stream – as long as it is very useful, relevant and of high value to visitors, otherwise you’ll just irritate everyone and lose credibility.

The main point is that if you install WP to Twitter, you can happily blog away, knowing that at the same time you are giving your Twitter followers something to read and an interesting link to follow.

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