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WordPress plugins: Do You Need Them?

by Doug Samuel on 6 May, 2009

Unless your WordPress site is very simple, and not open to the public, you certainly do need plugins.

Think of each plugin as solving a problem, or part of a problem.

So as a website owner, what problems might you have with WordPress?

You want people to visit your website. You want to know where visitors are coming from and what they do when they arrive, so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Some of your visitors are not so nice. Rather than adding to your website with interesting and helpful comments, they post comments that are rude, self-serving and off-topic. Many such comments are actually posted by “bots” – computers that troll the net, automatically locate Blogs, and automatically add comments that are completely undesirable.

In other words, you end up with a lot of spam on your website.

There are plugins to help manage spam too.

Those are just a few examples of problems you will want to solve with your website.

WordPress Plugins: How to Use Them

Here is a brief summary of how to install WordPress plugins.

First, you must download the plugin from the publisher. Many are available directly from the WordPress site. See the resources section at the bottom of this report.

Next, you must upload it to your server.

After that, you need to activate the plugin, from the WordPress administrator control panel.

For some plugins, that is all you need to do. Others need to be set up before they will work properly.

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