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WordPress: is it the Right Choice for Your Website?

by Doug Samuel on 30 April, 2009

WordPress: is this always the best bet for your website?

If you need a content management system (CMS) or blog (hint: if you are serious about your internet business, then you do need a CMS/blog), then you have many choices of software.

When I say choices of software, I mean free software! Besides WordPress, you could use Joomla, Drupal, movable type … just to name a few.

A few years ago, I tested quite a few content management systems. At the time, I didn’t know anyone I could trust for advice, so I spent many hours downloading different packages, installing them on my server, and checking them out.

I ruled out quite a number of them for various reasons. Some were very powerful, but took too much time and effort to do even the most basic things.

Others were not powerful enough, or too awkward to use.

I narrowed it down to Drupal and WordPress. I couldn’t decide, so I used both (on different domains of course).

I still like Drupal, but now, a few years down the road, I prefer WordPress. Here’s why.

WordPress is amazingly flexible and extremely well supported. If there is some function you want or need on your website, or some tool you need for your CMS, then you can find a plugin to expand WordPress. It seems that anything you can think of, someone else has thought of too, and has developed software (usually free software) that you can add to WordPress, so now your website can do what ever it is that you wanted it to do.

Other CMS systems can do this as well. The difference is that WordPress seems to have more choices available, and you can almost always find just what you want, done in a way that works for you.

If you do need custom work done, it is easy to hire a developer to create WordPress-compatible software for you, and at a reasonable price.

You can also make WordPress look any way you want. This is done with templates.

In the bad old days, you had to hire a graphic artist to design your template, then hire a developer to turn the graphics into a template that works with WordPress.

Now there are so many themes available, both free and paid, that this is hardly ever necessary.

Finally, there is a lot of support for WordPress. If you need answers, you can find them all over the web.

When I decided to use Drupal all those years ago, it was a great choice at the time. Lately though, all my new websites use WordPress, and I am thinking of converting some of my old sites over as well.

Diversity is great, I hope the other CMS packages out there continue to prosper, but WordPress has won me over.

If you have not decided with Content management system or blogging software to use, and need a shortcut to deciding, take it from me: I highly recommend WordPress. It will almost certainly do what you need it to do (unless you nave highly unusual and specialized needs), and you will not regret the decision to use it.

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