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Internet Business Website – Getting it Up Fast!

by doug on 24 April, 2009

Internet business website design and implementation can be a long, expensive and tedious operation.

That was the old way of making a website.

You will be glad to know that the new way of making a website is fast, relatively easy, very powerful, and exceptionally flexible.

In case this already sounds too good to be true, let me add one more.


Yes, you read correctly, the new way of creating a powerful, flexible website that you control, is free.

Now hold on just a moment, let’s look at what I mean by ‘free’.

The fast and easy way to developing a website uses free software.

The software can be expanded, mostly using free add-ins (plugins).  There are paid plugins as well, but in many cases you don’t need them.

If you are not very technical, you will have to pay someone to set up the software, but that does not have to cost much.

As for the design of the website, the way it looks, well that can be free too, even if you don’t know a thing about web design, or any type of design for that matter.

It is also possible to buy a design.  Expect to pay less than $100 in most cases.

That leaves what … content.

Well, you can write that yourself (at the cost of your time) or buy it (at the cost of money).

That about takes care of your website.

Other than content, the basics can be done in minutes, the more specific set-up in hours, and within a day, you have a brand new website, from the ground up.

There just is no need for a page-by-page custom design in most cases.

There are exceptions of course.  The chances are that your situation is not one of these exceptions

Website Software

I’m sure you are burning to know what software I am talking about.

In general, the software is called a content management system.

It stores the content, and the design of the website independently from each other.  It combines the two on the fly, as each page is requested, so changing the look and feel of your entire website is literally trivial.

There are many such content management systems out there.  Yes, you can buy them, but with so many truly fantastic, commercial-grade content management systems available for free, why bother?

My favourite is WordPress (  This is because it has become an industry standard, is extremely reliable, and well supported with plugins, so what ever you want to do with your website, you can probably find a plugin, probably for free, to do it.

I am pretty imaginative in my website needs, and almost always, I find a plugin to do just what I want.  Often there are multiple plugins to choose from.

Visit the WordPress site and you can download the software (for free), many of the plugins (for free), and plenty of themes (also for free).

Using WordPress to build your website is a major Internet Business Accelerator.

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