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Internet Business – Twitter Tips 1

by Doug Samuel on 16 April, 2009

Internet business depends on traffic, as I’ve said before.

How do you get traffic to your new blog almost instantly?

Twitter is a great way, if you go about it right.I am new to twitter.  As I discover twitter tips that work, I’ll share them with you.

The first rule of effective twittering is to write interesting tweets.

Ignore what it actually sais on the twitter page near message box.  It says “What are you doing?”

You want to attract as many ideal followers as possible.  Since you are running a business, you want people who will either spend money with your business, or contribute in some way like joint ventures and such.

If you are actually doing something interesting that is relevant to the kind of people you want to have follow you, by all means, tweet it out.

Tidbits of relevant information, with a link back to your blog posts that telling the whole story is probably what you want to do most often.

As a business owner, who are you following and why?  You may be following some people because they have a cute picture or their tweets make you laugh.  Great,but they are not who I mean.

Who are you following because their tweets are useful to your business?  That should tell you something.  Write tweets with appeal.

Even better, write tweets that are so good, others that are following you between them.  I discovered this by accident.  For some reason, the first tweet sent from this blog interested a few of my followers, and they retweeted.  I got four times the number of visitors compared with most of my other tweets.

It is worth spending some time writing good tweets.  That will attract followers, keep current followers reading your tweets, and draw followers to your blog via the links in your tweet.

What are your twitter secrets?  Feel free to share them by leaving a comment!

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