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Internet Business Traffic: the Fastest Way

by doug on 19 April, 2009

Internet Business Traffic: many internet business owners find this to be their biggest single challenge.

No traffic, no business.  Its the same for an internet business as it is for a bricks and mortar business – you’ve got to get customers though the door.There are many ways to drive traffic.  Some are free, others are quite expensive.

You do have to factor in time – how much time you spend building your business, which is important, and how much time you spend waiting to see if your business will work, which is even more important.

In a previous post, I talked about web traffic, why you need it fast.

That is why this article focuses on a single method for driving traffic – the fastest way.

This method is not the cheapest in terms of dollars.  Depending on your skill level, it can be relatively inexpensive or really very pricy.

In terms of time though, this method is about as inexpensive as it gets.

As I said, the fastest way to traffic is to buy it, but from where?

Google AdWords is the answer in most cases.

Other big pay per click (PPC) advertisers include Yahoo and MSN.  They too are good, and MSN is often considerably cheaper.

What  Google has on both of them is volume.

You can get more clicks on Google than the other two major competitors put together.

When it comes to driving web traffic the fast way, we are talking about a lot of traffic quickly, not just a trickle.

Now it is possible to get just a trickle of traffic from Google too, so here are a few points to consider:

Web Traffic with Google – Do You Make Any of These Mistakes with Google AdWords?

  1. Poor choice of key words.  You need to chose either a few key words that many people type in, or many key words that a few people type in.  The second way is cheaper.
  2. Bidding too low on key words.  Although low bids will often trigger ads to appear, they won’t come up nearly as often for low bids as they will for high bids.
  3. Poor ad copy.  Getting your ads to appear is one thing, getting people to click on them is another.  You need to write compelling copy in 95 characters or less (8 to 15 words).
  4. Lack of relevance between ad and landing page.  Google pays close attention to this.  You can’t talk about one thing in the ad, and something else on the landing page, at least in Google’s eyes.  While the ideas could be the same, unless you use similar wording on both, you will pay too much for your ad and it won’t appear as often.
  5. Running only one ad in an ad group.  Who can predict which ads will be popular with viewers and receive high click-through rates.  Your ad writing skills will improve with time, yet at each level of ad-writing skill, you must always run two or more ads and halt the ones that do not perform.

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