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Internet Business Traffic: Why you Need it Fast

by doug on 18 April, 2009

Internet business traffic can take a while to build up.

Most people want to be at the top of Google for the all of the key words that are relevant to their internet business.   In most cases, this is extremely difficult – it requires skill to achieve, and time for search engine optimization methods to work.  Mean while, your competition is trying to get to the top as well.

The biggest problem with depending on search engine optimization and other similar long-term web traffic techniques is that it takes time for them to start working, and results are by no means certain.

Meanwhile, you are wasting time and losing opportunity.  If it takes several months, or several years to garner significant traffic though long term traffic building techniques, you have lost a lot of opportunity for your business.  While you are waiting for traffic to build, you aren’t making any money.

For business models like using natural traffic to drive Google AdWords revenues, natural traffic is your best bet.  Its the nature of the advertising revenue model (unless you want to try buying traffic at low cost and trying to make a profit on selling expensive clicks – difficult and risky).

For most other businesses though, you should have much higher margins, and therefore paying for traffic in the short run is a much better idea.

Money loves speed.  The faster you can launch your business and start making money, the more successful you will be.

The first thing you need to know about your internet business is: “can I drive relevant traffic to my website?”

Without relevant traffic, you don’t have an internet business.

Do you want to wait around for months or years before you even know if you have any chance of getting traffic to your website?

The only case for this is if you have so many ideas on the go, that you can set up a website and let it sit for a year while you get on with other things.  I recommend this approach – if you are busy focusing on other businesses in the interim.

For any internet business that need early success to be worth your while, you need traffic in the shortest possible time, so you can verify that your business is viable, and get started on it quickly.

If you find that your initial ideas for driving traffic do not work, you may be able to adjust by selecting a different set of key words.  This may alter the nature of your business in a subtle or large way.

You may find that the product or service you were thinking of offering is not really what people want.

This is another reason for driving traffic to your website before you really have anything to offer.  Find out if people are asking the question for which you have an answer, then work on how to deliver the answer to them by developing products and services.

I’ve made the mistake of developing a website and product before attempting to drive traffic to it more times than I care to admit.

Don’t make this mistake.  It may feel like starting with the very last task that makes logical sense in a business.  Don’t let this fool you.  Start by driving traffic!

Testing for how well you can drive traffic before developing your business is a big internet business accelerator.

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