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Internet Business Success and Focus

by doug on 7 May, 2009

Internet business success depends on focus.

Focus is the key to success in most areas.  If you are working on the internet, focus is even more important to practice, because there are so many distractions out there to send you off in the wrong direction, or (almost as bad) several right directions all at once.

Do you have about a million ideas that you want to work on, all at the same time?  If so, then you are well qualified to be an online entrepreneur!  We are all like that.

One thing that separates the successful entrepreneurs with a million good ideas, and those who fail, is that the successful entrepreneurs drop 999,999 ideas, and keep just one.

This is hard to do, but it is essential.  Take just one idea, get it up and running as quickly as possible, and see it through to completion.  Only then should you move on to the next idea.

In practice, this is hard to do.  I’ve got it down to 2½ projects or so that I am working on right now, down from 10.  That is a big help.

One reason that 2½ projects is more or less manageable is because one is a team effort, and the other ½ I mostly ignore these days.

Quite honestly though, 2½ is still too many.

One of the biggest problems with having too many projects on the go all at once, is that it is easy to chop up the day into dozens of nearly unusable time slices, in which you get almost nothing accomplished.  By the end of the day, you feel like you have worked hard – and you have  –  yet you feel like you have achieved very little.  You have probably done more than you realize, but not nearly as much as you could have.

When you pick up on a project that you had put aside, it takes some time to remember what you were doing, what has been completed already, and what is yet to be done.  It takes time to get your head back into what you were doing.

Picking up where you left of is a big waste of time when you do it too often.

How often is too often?  Well, you will have to pick up first thing in the morning from where you left off the night before.  And again after lunch.  You will probably have a few breaks though the day as well.

If you do no other work between putting down and picking up, getting back into things will be easier as well.

Focus on just one thing, it is a big internet business accelerator.

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