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Internet Business and the Importance of Sales Process

by doug on 8 May, 2009

Internet business depends on selling, and selling depends on two things (assuming you have an audience to sell to): what you say (copy) and how visitors progress through your website as they consider and make purchases.

It is very easy to ignore this process when you design your website. 

To design a successful website, you have to imagine what is going through the minds of your visitors.

At each stage of the process, ask yourself what they are thinking:

  • What is their state of mind?
  • What questions do they have?
  • What are their assumptions?
  • What do they expect?
  • What do they know?

Assume that your visitors have never been to your website before (probably true most of the time, especially when you launch your business). 

Better yet, assume they have never been to any website before?

Far-fetched?  Yes, but if you assume your visitors are intelligent but new to the internet, you will design your website so that it is obvious to use.

You will include instructions every step of the way.  Why not?  If they already know what to do, they can ignore the instructions.  If they need the instructions, they can read them.

Every step needs to make sense.  This may seem not worth mentioning, until you consider that what you are trying to do as a marketer is not automatically aligned with your customer’s needs.  You want to make more sales, more profit.  You want to to put up websites as quickly as possible, with as little effort as possible, you want to charge as much as possible to make the highest possible profit.

What does the customer what?  They want to solve their problem or satisfy their need for entertainment or importance, they want to pay a reasonable price (or less – so much is free on the internet), they want the process of buying to be quick, easy and obvious.

Notice that there isn’t a single thing in common between what the business owner wants and what the customer wants.  Some things, for example profit vs. price, are directly opposed to each other.

As a business owner, it is up to you to give your customer as much of what they want as possible, if you want what they can give to you (their money).

There are many aspects to this, including a quick and easy buying process, which is what this article is about.

The first thing you want to do is have as few steps as possible.

If you do add steps for your own purposes – to collect emails,  to up sell etc., then make sure it makes sense to your visitors as well.  Give them a sensible reason to opt in to your list.  Give them a sensible reason to buy the extra product you are offering.

And explain every step along the way.  Why are they doing this?  What do they do next?

Don’t talk down to them, but don’t leave them hanging out to dry.

A smooth, sensible and well documented process is an internet business accelerator.

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