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Internet Business Over-Commitment

by Doug Samuel on 11 May, 2009

Internet business over-commitment is a common problem.

Over-commitment comes in two forms: too many features in a product (especially software), and too many projects on the go.

I’ve written before about the power of focus – this is a major internet business accelerator.

Despite your best efforts at focus, it is so easy to become diffused by finding another great opportunity you want to address, which turns into a new project.

Focus does not necessarily solve the other over-commitment problem though: too many features in a project.

It all depends on how you see focus of course.  I suggest that when you plan a project, you concentrate on launching as soon as possible.

How soon is “as soon as possible?”  Like most such questions, the answer is “it depends.”  It depends on what the minimum scope of the product is to be viable in the market place.

The minimum scope in turn depends largely on customer expectations.  You can influence this somewhat by ongoing opinions in the regular communications you have with your list and your blog readers.  And you can adjust customer expectations somewhat in your sales letter.

Customer expectations have a lot to do with the nature of the problem that needs to be solved and the nature of your solution, along with what your competition is doing.

So what ever that minimum is to be viable in the market place, go with that to start.

Once you’ve got the minimum, you can launch your product or your internet business, then make adjustments, improvements and expansions.

So when you decide what the minimum is, write a specification, even just a list of points that tells you what will be in the product.  You may want to make another list of features to include in phase B of your product.  That gives you somewhere to “park” your ideas, making it easier to focus on that necessary minimum you have deduced upon.

Now your focus is on that specification.  Any cool new features you come up with for your product will have to wait.

Avoiding over-commitment is an internet business accelerator.

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