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Internet Business Growth by Repetition

by Doug Samuel on 18 April, 2009

Internet business growth comes from repeating a few simple steps over and over again, with consistency.

This may sound boring.  There are aspects to an internet business that are tedious, just like anything else.

Many if not most tedious aspects of an internet business can by automated.  There are things you have to do consistently over time though.  These activities need not be tedious if you are in the right business for you.For example, I have fun writing this blog.  Probably I spend too much time at it.  I hope you find it useful.  If I hated writing about internet marketing and internet business, writing this blog would be very boring.

As it turns out, I love thinking and talking about internet business so this is not tedious at all.

I have another business that requires a constant stream of content.  For me, that business is much harder to write for.  That other business is kind of tedious for me, but others would find it easy.

So lets assume you have chosen the right business for you, one that you are truly interested in.

Internet businesses are driven by content, no mater what else they do.  You probably need copy to sell your products and services.  Building a sizable blog will help build traffic, and that requires content.  It is always helpful to educate your clients.  More content.

Connie Green just published an article on her blog about building an online business as quickly as possible.

I like what she has to say.  In summary, she suggests a way of collecting emails to build your list (optin page on website).  The second part is building traffic by posting to your blog and writing articles every day.  As I mentioned in another post, you can use material on your blog to publish as articles, so articles aren’t that much extra work.

The third thing Connie mentions is creating products you can sell online.  You can also promote products on an affiliate basis.

Armand Morin is the king of this style of building a business.

While we’re on the subject of Armand Morin, here are a few ways you can get his excellent material.  He has a lot of products.  Here are a few inexpensive ones.  One of them is free.

Each of the above links takes you to an optin page.  You will be rewarded with excellent free content on all three sites when you enter your name and email.  One of them will continue to give you free content as well.  Can’t beat that!

Now, back to Connie’s article.  She suggests spending time on twitter, facebook and various forums every day, leaving a trail of links back to your website.  Great advice, as long as you remember to spend a minimum of time on these activities.  It doesn’t take much to be effective, just spend time at it every day, and you will be amazed at how your traffic builds up over time.  Customers and cash are sure to follow.

Consistently performing these simple actions every day is an internet business accelerator.

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