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Internet Business – Why Effectiveness is Important

by doug on 28 April, 2009

Internet Business Effectiveness – how important is that?

Internet business efficiency seems like job 1.

But first ask yourself the question: are you being effective?

When you place efficiency first, you fall into a trap, without even realizing it.

The result: you feel like you are getting a lot done, that you have great systems in place, but your internet business is getting no further ahead.

A related problem is when you chase every cool tool out there (especially the free ones), convinced that they will do the heavy lifting when it comes to making your internet business run smoothly.

The problem with this is that most people grab and implement the tool, before they are quite sure how they will use it and what it will do for them.

That is the first question to ask yourself before doing any work what so ever – be it searching for and/or implementing a tool, or a tactic, or a strategy.

What will it do for you and your internet business?

For example, I was talking with a friend of mine today about her website.  She was wondering about setting up software to grab content from an RSS feed and put it on her blog.

This is a nifty way to get content on your site, without doing any work what so ever.

Your first question might be: “is this legal?”

Good question.

But it isn’t relevant yet, so let’s ignore it.

First lets ask: what will this do for my friend?

Answer: put content on her website.

That answer is not good enough.  We need to dig deeper.  What is the point of putting someone else’s content on your website?  This lack of original content adds little or nothing to the world of internet servers, looking for information related to my friend’s chosen subject.

It can already be found on the other website.

What my friend needs is original content that is worth reading.

Here is an alternative approach: visit the website she found with such great content, and use it to inspire her own articles.  She can link back to the original article that inspired her article?

For example, the inspiration for this article came from  Go ahead, click the link and read the article.  You will notice it is quite different from mine.

If I had copied that article and pasted it into my blog, you may have found it useful.  On the other hand, this website is about running an internet business.  The original article does not discuss this subject.

My article is, I hope, far more relevant to you.  Mean while, the original article is still well worth reading.

The point is to think about how effective your actions will be, in advance of actually doing them.

There are other reasons as well, which I will cover in a separate article.

For now, just consider the effectiveness of your plan, before you become efficient at carrying it out.

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