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Internet Business De-Commitment

by Doug Samuel on 13 May, 2009

Internet business de-commitment is the cure for over-commitment.

I’ve written about over-commitment in the past, and the importance of maintaining focus by working on few projects at a time – ideally just one.

What do you do if you are already over-committed?

Let’s review the problems of over-commitment first, so we can weigh the options.

The short version is that if you have too much to do, you won’t get it all done.  Or you will do a poor job.  The result is that some people, including your, are going to get short-changed.  Probably everyone will be unhappy and get less than they expected.  This is bad for your reputation and your sense of accomplishment.

If you already have too much on your plate, what you have to do is clear off some projects so you can concentrate on what’s left and do a good job.

This may mean having to call people up and tell them that you realize you make such-and-such commitment, but you can no longer deliver on the promised timeline.  You may even have to cut the project permanently.

This is not fun.  But it is necessary, and many people understand what you are talking about, because just about everyone has taken on more than they can manage these days.

If you do want to do the project at some time, suggest a new timeframe.

Now you are free to work on a few projects and put in the effort and concentration required to make them successful.  Only then should you move on to the next project.

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