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Internet Business Choice – Staying Motivated

by doug on 22 April, 2009

Internet Business setup can be a lot of work, especially the first (or second or third) time around.

It looks easy  – when other people do it, especially when they have experience.

The fact is though, that it is a lot of work, and there is a lot to know to make it successful.

I hope this does not come as a shock to you.

It is easier if you learn how to do things in the right order and in the right way.  This is a large part of what the Internet Business Accelerator is about.

OK, so it is hard work, but does internet marketing have to feel like hard work?

Here is a big secret to setting up and running an internet business: you have to really like what the business is about.

You may like the mechanics of an internet business a little or a lot.  That isn’t really what I am talking about.

To make your internet business fun and (relatively) easy, the business itself, what you sell and who you sell it to, has to be in an area that you are truly interesting in.

There are exceptions, but they apply to the person more than to the business.

If you love business for the sake of business, and love internet marketing for the sake of internet marketing, then maybe, just maybe, it matters a whole lot less how interested you are in the business itself.

Even supposing this exception is true, for your first few internet businesses, it really helps if you are interested in the business itself.

I have built up a very successful website in an area that has nothing to do with business or internet marketing.  It has a huge amount of traffic.  My internet marketing friends are all jealous when I tell them how much traffic I get on that site.

The reason I was able to build so much traffic on the site is because I love the mechanics of search engine optimization, and setting up systems.  I just love that stuff.

As for that particular business itself, I am really lukewarm about it to be honest with you.  I won’t go into the details.  Suffice it to say that of the many ideas I have had about how to expand the business and serve my customers better, I really have done very  few of them.

This is because I am really not excited about the business.  Its OK, but not great, not for me anyhow.

Now fast forward to the Internet Business Accelerator.

This is a whole different story.  I love the internet, and I love learning and applying internet business models, marketing techniques, and various promotional tactics.

I am really exited about this.  I want to share my excitement with others who will benefit from my skills and knowledge.  I really can’t wait to help people start and grow their internet businesses.

With this motivation driving me forward, I am moving swiftly to put various ideas into action.

See the difference?  The first business is OK.  Nothing wrong with it at all, lots of potential, and my customers sure do need help.  But it doesn’t excite me.

The second business is really cool (to me it is, anyhow).  So I approach it with endless enthusiasm and energy.

Example: posting to a blog, especially when it is new, on a daily basis, really helps to build traffic over time.  That is a hint.  You should do this.  Do you want to write about your business every day?  Here it is, late in the day, and I really want to get to bed.  Yet I haven’t posted to my blog yet.

If this were business No. 1, it would be a big effort.  It would take a lot of time and effort.  It just wouldn’t happen.

But I am writing for business No. 2, the Internet Business Accelerator.  Whole different story.  This is fun and easy.  Once I started typing, I just couldn’t keep up with my thoughts.

I hope you won’t see this as a story about me.  This post is not about me at all.  It is simply an illustration of how loving the business you are in helps motivate you as you go through the hard work of building the business.

If you are not sure exactly what sort of internet business you want to create, brainstorm some ideas.  Short list the ones you are more than happy to live and breath, even if you were never paid for it.  Those are the fun ones.

If it is fun, then it becomes easy.  Choosing a fun and interesting business is a big internet business accelerator.

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