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Internet Business and the Attitude Virus

by doug on 12 April, 2009

Internet business is about abundance.

Connie Green and I just had a little exchange on Twitter about how scarcity is all in your head.

By scarcity, I’m talking about the attitude that there is not enough to go ‘round, that the economy has shrunk, that disaster is looming, if it has not already overtaken you.

The current economic problems are real enough, just ask anyone who has lost their job and can’t make their payments.

But what caused all of this mess?

The sub-prime fiasco triggered things for sure, all driven by greed.

But then what happened?  First of all, the financial sector switched from greed to scarcity.  They suddenly worried that there was not enough credit to go around.  So banks reduced how much credit they were willing to extend, and the credit crunch became a reality.

OK, I’m over-simplifying, but basically, a negative attitude of scarcity make a bad situation worse.

The media, always a magnet and amplifier of negative stories of all sorts, picked up on it, and projected it into a world wide crisis. People lost confidence, and went into scarcity mode.

That’s when the rot really set in, that’s when media predictions became reality, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What I’ve noticed in the internet marketing world though, is that people are remaining bullish.  No one is whining about doom and gloom.   Many are seeing their best year ever.

We are resistant to the scarcity attitude virus.

Because scarcity is all in your head.  Right now, there is an abundance of good deals for example.  True, not everyone has the cash or credit on hand to take advantage of them.  But are they helping themselves by dwelling on what they don’t have?

Now is the best time to build a business.  Talent, rent, equipment, supplies, all come cheap in a down economy.  If you can survive this you can survive anything.  And many businesses take some time to set up and get off the ground.  By the time that happens, the worst of the current economy will be over and you will be well placed to take advantage of the upsurge, while others are scrambling to get started.

This is also a great time to get going with your internet business.  Stay positive, build value, promote what you’ve got, and you are sure to win.

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