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Internet Business and Teamwork

by doug on 29 April, 2009

Internet business development is seen by many as a solo operation.

Most of those many are probably just starting out.

All of the big-name marketers I talk to have a team they work with.  They usually have a close inner circle that they trust (either business partners or employees) and an outer circle of support staff – employees and contract workers.  They trust these people too.

This may come as a surprise.  It did to me.  I always pictured the internet marketer as the lone wolf, leveraging technology and the internet.

This turns out not to be the case.

Why is team work so important to your online business?  Because it is a major internet business accelerator.  Here’s why.

There are many reasons why team work is so important.  Here are five to get you started:

  1. More than one idea
  2. Synergy
  3. Speed of implementation.
  4. A blending of skills and talents
  5. More resources

More Than One Idea

Did you ever have an idea, or a solution you hoped would solve some problem, only to find that in retrospect, you would have preferred to handle things in a different way?

Have you ever been in desperate need of a great idea, only to find our mind baron of even good ideas?

We all have these experiences at one time or another.

When you work with a team, many more ideas get generated than if you work on your own.  This is partly because other people come up with ideas as well as you, and partly because other people, and their ideas, stimulate more idea generation in your own mind.

By the time you’re all done, you and your team will have more ideas to choose from, and a better chance that you will make the most appropriate choice.


Synergy means that the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

If you can come up with 5 good ideas, you and a partner will come up with 12 or 27 great ideas.  If it takes you a month to put one idea in to action, it might take a week when you work with one other person.

Synergy works in all kinds of ways when you work in a team, from stimulating better ideas, to working longer and harder when you may have thrown in the towel on your own, to solving intractable problems.

Speed of Implementation

Once you have a good idea, you need to act on it quickly or your risk loosing interest and abandoning the project, or the bumps in the road will be stronger than your will and excitement over time.

When you work on implementing ideas with a team, the ideas reach fruition much sooner, giving them a much better chance of seeing the light of day.

Synergy works in your favour too.  Two people can complete most tasks in far less than half the time it would take one person if they were to work on their own.

A Blending of Skills and Talents

How ever many skills and talents you have, probably you don’t have enough to do everything required to the level of proficiency and excellence required to make your internet business a success.

Even if you are good enough to do everything, some things will take you longer than you should, with inferior results.

Get the right team together though, and you can fill in each other’s weak points, resulting in a very successful business.

More Resources

Can you afford to get your great idea off of the ground?

Some of your ideas may be within your means, others a real stretch.

It is much more effective to pool resources with several other business partners, so that you can take on bigger, more rewarding projects with less risk.


You may think you can go solo with your internet business, and maybe you can.

Working together with the right team will make your business better and it will reach success sooner.

Teamwork is a major internet business accelerator.

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