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Internet Business and Speed

by Doug Samuel on 9 April, 2009

Internet business, like any business, depends on speed to survive.

There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from your interest in the project, through to competition and market interest.

Lets start with you and your internet marketing idea. A big mistake that many people make is to sit on a great idea for a while and think about it.

While they are sitting there thinking about it, someone has registered the domain name they would have used, someone has already got started with a similar business, the competition is getting ahead.

Meanwhile, you may talk yourself out of your great internet business idea. Or lose interest. Or you might make your idea so complicated that it no longer seems practical.

Here is some counter-intuitive advice: don’t think!

Don’t think about your idea. Instead, start doing it . You will get much further ahead that way.

The first thing to do is register a domain, or better yet, several domains, related to your idea.

I have attempted to register the perfect domain name, only to find that it was just registered by someone else a month, or even a week before. That is bad enough; you just have to accept that someone beat you to it. But if I had the idea two months previously, than it is entirely my fault that I don’t own that domain, and that is really annoying!

Another action you can take right away is to start blogging. Set up WordPress on your domain as soon as you can. This puts you on the internet map, and Google will find your site sooner rather than later. The longer Google knows your domain, the better.

Once you have taken these simple actions, you will find that you have taken the first steps in starting your internet business.

Now that you have some momentum, keep it up! Continue blogging of course, and continue learning what you need to know to implement your business.

Implement each part of your business as soon as you have an idea about how to go about it.

Speed and action will propel your internet business forward.

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