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by doug on 11 April, 2009

Internet businesses may seem like solitary pursuits to some.  It seems like it might be easy to hide behind your computer while you build your internet business.

That is how I thought it would work at first, until I went to my first Internet Marketing seminar – Armand Morin’s Big Seminar.

I have to tell you, I am used to geeks and technocrats that like to hide in the corner working on technical stuff.  Ironic that I moved out of engineering because I didn’t like that approach to life, and into internet marketing, which I thought would be the same, but worse.

So it was such a nice surprise to discover that there were so many sociable, friendly, helpful, outgoing people in the internet marketing industry.  If I had any doubts about the new direction I had chosen, they ended right there at that first conference a few years ago.

Being social is all very well, and it is nice, but what does that really have to do with your success in internet marketing?

Quite a lot, actually.  More and more as time goes on, as I develop my business, as I get better and better at running online businesses.

Internet Business, People and Learning

Internet business start-up is not necessarily hard, but you have to be well informed.  The best way to learn is from other people who have actually done it.

Yes, you can learn about internet marketing by researching everything on line.  It’s all there.  Along with a lot of wrong information, irrelevant information, outdated information, and information that just does not apply to your particular business.

Like anything, the information you can find on the internet about starting and running an internet business needs interpretation and application.

This is so much easier when you can contact people directly to learn from their experience.  It is less overwhelming, you will do the right thing more often and avoid more mistakes, and you will just move faster.

Learning from other people is a major internet business accelerator.

Internet Business, People and Support

Even if you are independent, highly self-motivated, and have a pretty good idea of how to go about doing things, it is much easer to make headway with your business when you can talk to other people who are doing the same sort of thing as you are.

Until your internet business is truly replacing your income, it is easy to question your choice to pursue an internet business as your major bread-winner.

Actually talking to people who have made it is enormously encouraging and inspiring.

Talking to others with similar challenges and frustrations as you is a big help as well.

The key to success in anything is to have a clear idea of what you want to do, then work at making steady progress.

Self-doubt can really slow you down.  Support from others in the industry is an internet business accelerator.

Networking and your Internet Business

When I first heard Armand talking about the importance of networking and internet marketing, I understood intellectually, but to be honest, I didn’t really feel it.  At the time I was still very much used to doing everything on my own.

One of the big benefits of Armand’s Big Seminar is the networking.  Armand feels that meeting other people in the internet marketing industry so important, that he literally pays for lunch each day for everyone who attends the Big Seminar.

Now I love networking and always have.  What I didn’t realize is how powerful networking really is.

Armand explained how he has met many of his close colleagues and business partners by attending live internet marketing events.  Again, I understood this intellectually, but didn’t feel it would make such an impact on me.

Looking back, I can now easily understand, for first-hand experience, how important meeting other internet marketers really is.

I am working on a project right now with three other partners, and we all met at Big Seminar.

In this case, some of us has met previously, but those relationships started to gel at Big Seminar, because we all understood that we were all serious about internet marketing.

At the time I did not realize how important those particular relationships would be.  They developed over time, and it took a few years until we reached the point we are now at: working closely together on one project.  This involves a lot of trust.

The main point is that none of us could take this project on by ourselves.  Even two of us would not be enough to get this airborne.  It has really taken all four of us, to develop the ideas, the diversity of talent to cover all the tasks of making this project work, of developing the energy and dynamics required to start and persevere with this project.

Working in teams is a major internet business accelerator.


You can make a lot more progress with your internet business when you work as part of a team.  Even if you work on your own, the support, encouragement and shared experiences gained by keeping in touch with other internet marketers makes all the difference.

One great way to meet like-minded people is to attend the Big Seminar.  Watch the sidebar for more information when it becomes available.

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