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Install WordPress – Fantastico or Manually?

by Doug Samuel on 2 May, 2009

Installing WordPress in cpanel is a straight-forward process.

There are two ways you can install WordPress in cpanel: the fast and easy way with Fantastico, or the manual method.

Each has its pros and cons.

Fantastico does most of the work for you, and you can enter all the information it needs on one simple page. This makes the job of setting up WordPress very convenient. For beginners, it also saves you the slight complication of accessing several different areas of cpanel, and avoiding some common mistakes that can result in a failed WordPress installation.

Fantastico does have some drawbacks though. For one thing, Fantastico does not always install the latest version of WordPress. It is usually up to date, but when a new WordPress version is released, the version installed by Fantastico will be out of date until Netenberg, owners of Fantastico, get around to updating it.

The other disadvantage is that Fantastico creates a similar database name for WordPress installations. It takes the cpanel login and appends “wrdp_1” to the end. So if your cpanel user name is cuser, your database name is cuser_wrdp_1, and your database user name is wrdp_1. This makes it easier for hackers to guess at how to access your database.

Although Fantastico may install an out-of-date version of WordPress, the WordPress dashboard, displayed when you log in to WordPress as an administrator, shows you when a new version of WordPress is available, and provides an easy way to upgrade from inside WordPress.

Sooner or later you will have to upgrade WordPress anyhow, so this is not such a big disadvantage.

The security problem is not ideal. However, it is not easy for a hacker to know your cpanel username, and it won’t be easy to guess the long and meaningless string Fantastico generates for the database password.

Manual installation takes longer – there are more steps, you have to access several parts of cpanel to do it, and if you make a mistake copying the database name, database username and password to WordPress when you install it, it will not work.

This can be very annoying for beginners. I use the manual method, and sometimes make mistakes.

On the other hand, when you are used to cpanel and have made a few WordPress installations, the manual method is very quick. You get the latest version of WordPress and a more secure installation. You must remember to change the file permissions when you have finished installing WordPress, or it will not be as secure as you thought.

So which way is best?

If you are a beginner and don’t really like computers all that much, Fantastico will get the job done with a high chance of success and a low chance of frustration.

If you like computers and want to learn how cpanel works, the manual method is a good choice. It will take you longer the first time, but with the help of this course, and some practice, it will be almost as quick and easy as Fantastico, with none of the disadvantages.

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