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Build Traffic with Blog Posts

by doug on 29 May, 2009

Build traffic – that’s what we all want.  It does take some work.

One of the best and easiest ways is to post to your blog on a regular basis.

How often?  Once a day is great at first when you need to get things going.  The more posts on your blog, the bigger and more active your website, and the better Google likes it.

One of the most important factors in building traffic to a website is how much Google likes it. 

Google has certain rules, known only to itself, that it uses to decide how important your website is, and how high key words leading to your website should rank.

Although the Google rules are not public, many people have notices what works and what does not work when it comes to getting traffic from search engine results.

Having a big and active website is very important.

You do not necessarily need to have long posts.  Even 250 words is enough, although longer posts don’t harm either.  Probably 250 to 500 words is ideal for both Google and your readers.

There are some important things to consider when writing posts for your blog, so you can generate more traffic:

  • Decide what your blog is about, and make most of your posts about that subject and that subject only.
  • Use key words related to that main subject in  your titles and in the body of your posts.
  • Do not over-use key words.  Google will ding you. 

Many of these guidelines apply to keeping your visitors interested once they arrive on your website.  Google’s goal is to provide relevant search results, and that means that a particular article is related to the website subject as a whole.  If your website is about business, and suddenly you have an article about gardening – not gardening as a business as in market gardens, but gardening as a hobby as in how to grow a few heads of lettuce, you are unlikely to get anyone finding you in Google about gardening or lettuce. 

Meanwhile, your business readers are likely to be confused about the gardening article, even if they are gardeners. 

The more focused your blog, the better.

This does not mean to say you can never go off-topic.  You can occasionally.  On the whole though, decide what your blog is about (i.e decide what your internet business is about) and stick to related subjects.

Educate your readers about your business.  Make it easier for them to understand your products, but not only from the point of view of you selling them.  That is not really what a blog is about.  Yes, you want your blog readers to become customers.  But you can’t sell them on your services in every sentence, not on a blog.

Educate them about your industry.  Think about the problems your customers have, and write about that.  Write about solutions to solve their problems, even solutions that won’t make a direct profit to you.

If you find writing about your business and your industry easy, then you are in the right area, and your internet business has one necessary component for success.

If you struggle to write about your business, then you may have to consider if you are really in the right industry. 

If you are not a writer, the above does not apply, not directly.  You should at least be able to talk about it.  you can talk to a writer and get them to write articles for your blog, based on what you tell them.

Do produce a steady stream of content for your blog.  Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN will reward you with traffic.

Building traffic by writing on your blog regularly is an internet business accelerator.

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